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An extremely critical component of your vehicle, you car's suspension ensures a smooth ride by controlling your vehicle's motion when passing over bumps. As the primary control mechanism in braking, cornering, or acceleration, the suspension system is critical because it allows a safe amount of lean or body roll when performing these motions.

Suspension system components include:

1) Control arms

2) Ball joints

3) Springs

4) Shock absorbers

5) Struts

A shock or strut is designed to last approximately 80, 000 kms. Working in tandem with leaf springs, your shocks minimize the harshness and severity of the road. These integral suspension components should be checked once your vehicle has travelled over 80, 000 kms and may need to be replaced at that time. Some signs that your suspension components may need to be replaced include excessive body roll, dipping over bumps, uneven tire wear, and nose diving while braking. It is important to ensure these critical components are replaced at an appropriate time in order to reduce braking distances, increase comfort, improve handling, and most importantly ensure a safe driving experience!

Warning Signs

If your car is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, be sure to contact the Bustard Chrysler Waterloo Service Department for a diagnosis and any necessary repairs!
  • Leaking oil
  • Noise and suspension vibration
  • Poor tire to road contact and/or excessive tire bounce
  • Premature tire wear
  • Reduced handling/braking performance
  • Reduced suspension control
  • Increased wear on suspension components
  • Dents or punctures in the shock/strut housing or body (may restrict suspension movement)
  • Broken, damaged or missing mounting hardware

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