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Tire Pressure Monitoring Bustard Waterloo Ontario

Have you ever seen this warning light on your dashboard?

It's the Tire Pressure Warning Light. If it comes on, one or more of your tires is low on pressure.

This alert generally comes on when the pressure in the affected tire(s) has fallen 25% below the manufacturer recommended PSI. If this light comes on in your vehicle be sure to inspect all of the tires and adjust the inflation level to the recommended PSI. This can be found on the sticker in the driver's side door jamb. If the light does not go out after filling your tires, bring it to Bustard Chrysler Waterloo's service department for a diagnosis. Sometimes when you switch your winter and summer tires, the light may stay on even if the tires are properly inflated, but for the sake of your personal safety it is important to have this confirmed by a certified technician.

Keeping tires at the recommended inflation level ensures your safety, prolongs tire longevity, improves wet and dry handling and increases fuel efficiency. Inspecting tires frequently and adjusting pressure accordingly is vital to your vehicle and your safety.

What to do when your Tire Pressure Warning Light comes on:

  • Stop and check your tires in a safe area (out of the way of traffic)
  • Replace the tire with the provided spare or call roadside assistance in cases when the tire is too flat and the pressure is too low to continue driving
  • Proceed to the nearest service station, as long as you can do so safely
  • Inflate all tires to the recommended pressure at a gas station. The light may stay on for a few moments after the tires are properly inflated

If your Tire Pressure Warning Light is on, or you have questions or concerns about your tires and their monitoring systems, do not hesitate to contact the service department at Bustard Chrysler in Waterloo!

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Waterloo, Ontario

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