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Regular tire rotations can vastly improve your tire's life expectancy and overall performance by evenly distributing wear and tear on your tires. Rotating your tires will ensure your safety and ensure tire longevity! Because your front tires support more than half of your vehicle weight, they tend to wear faster than the rear tires. Your tires are responsible for all steering control as well as the majority of braking control, and so having your tires rotated regularly will ensure they are all in similar condition, ultimately keeping you safer while driving!

Improperly balanced tires might cause your car to vibrate unnecessarily at certain speeds because your tires are not evenly contacting the ground. If you find that your steering wheel is shaky, it is likely that one (or both) of your front tires are unbalanced. You will get the most out of your tires if they are properly balanced.

Imbalanced tires are the result when one section of your tire is heavier/thicker than the others. When you have your tires balanced here at Bustard Chrysler, our technicians will first have the tire mounted on a tire balanced manchine. This machine spins the wheel to find the heaviest part. Once this spot on the tire is located, a lead weight will be attached to the opposite side of the tire in order to ensure the tire is evenly weighted.

Having your tires balanced will prolong the life of your tires and ensure your safety on the road. Don't hesitate to contact us at Bustard Chrysler in Waterloo for this inexpensive service!

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