10 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Vehicle at an Authorized Dealer

1. Protection

The average new car costs more than $28, 000, so consumers can’t afford to rely on anyone but a top professional. OEM dealerships offer the highest level of technical training and use state of the art equipment and specified parts, so you can be confident in the service your vehicle receives.

2. Training

Considerable amounts of money are spent by dealers and manufacturers to ensure that technicians are up to date when it comes to today’s increasingly complex vehicles. All of Bustard Chrysler’s technicians are factory certified and participate in aggressive, ongoing training to ensure they understand every facet of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle!

3. Technicians

Technicians must not only be good mechanics. Given the increasing amounts of technology in today’s new vehicles, they must also be technology experts. As a result, new car dealership technicians are the most experienced technicians in the automotive repair industry.

4. Equipment

Some of the diagnostic equipment required for today’s new vehicles is extremely expensive, costing over $100, 000 for a single piece of equipment. New car dealers are required to purchase and us this equipment, and keep it connected to factory service experts in order to ensure necessary updates are made.

5. Parts

New car dealers are required to carry an inventory of parts to cover all repairs to the makes and models they sell, assuring that customers’ vehicles are quickly repaired with genuine parts. Here at Bustard Chrysler, we use genuine Mopar parts in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles.

6. Guarantees

Customer satisfaction is the main driver of a dealer’s reputation. Here at Bustard Chrysler we ensure our customers are satisfied by guaranteeing all repairs. The Mopar parts used to service your vehicle also carry additional guarantees.

7. Warranty

All new cars carry manufacturer’s warranties that specify maintenance schedules and repair protocols. Having service done by a dealer eliminates the possibility that your warranty will be voided for failure to meet requirements.

8. Convenience

Here at Bustard Chrysler we offer weekend service and an express lane for minor services such as oil changes or reinstallation of wiper blades and other simple repairs. We also offer a shuttle service to get you to and from work/home while your vehicle is in the shop.

9. Price

We offer fast and competitively priced OEM recommended service. Not only is our pricing very competitive in comparison to other local repair shops, but we also go the extra mile to provide additional services, for example topping up all fluids and checking your tires when you are here for an oil change.

10. Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal here at Bustard Chrysler. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring we offer the best service for your vehicle, at the best possible price!

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