Motortrend truck of the year®
Motortrend unanimously named the all-new ram 1500 the 2019 truck of the year
Ram has doubled down on comfort, convenience, and style.
Ram has been on the forefront of luxury truck interiors and features.
There isn't a pickup truck out there that so precisely hits the diverse needs of the segment better then the 2019 Ram 1500.
- MotorTrend
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Real Wood and Leather Details
When you open the doors to the luxurious details of the new Ram 1500 your senses will be heightened. You can feast your eyes on more leather and real wood than its competitors*.

Comfort is not bound to the front only; your passengers will revel in all the space Best-in-Class rear legroom* delivers. And now that the Ram is up to 102 mm (4‑inches) larger than the previous Ram generation, you feel the difference.

Make no mistake, this is the most luxurious light duty*.
The Quietest Ram Cabin Ever
A number of advances went into making the 2019 the quietest Ram 1500 ever*. From new tires tuned to temper road sounds and the crafted hood that directs air away from the wipers to the acoustic glass that helps to reduce wind noise.

And on the inside, Active Noise Cancellation* phases out unwanted noise, creating a quieter interior. Plus, the new HVAC system operates at a lower noise level, contributing to Best-in-Class interior quietness in real world conditions of 56.7 dBA*, which improves sound quality throughout the cabin.
Natural Delight
Enjoy a new available power dual-pane sunroof with panoramic views in any season.

Because the 2019 Ram 1500’s Crew Cab was lengthened by 102 millimetres (4 inches), it now can accommodate a large, dual-pane sunroof measuring approximately 1,107 millimetres by 846 millimetres (43.6 inches x 33.3 inches).

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to open and close the forward portion of the sunroof for venting with the power button.
Rear-Seat Comfort
Class-Exclusive features raise the comfort level to stratospheric levels in the 2019 Ram 1500. First, with the ability to recline up to 8 degrees, you may want to relinquish the front seat altogether and lounge in the available Class-Exclusive reclining rear seat*.

Then the improved heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system uses a precise algorithm to control the Class-Exclusive Rear Seat Ventilation* with enhanced air flow. Passenger comfort may be so high they may never want to exit the cabin.
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