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The Sunlife Financial Waterloo Busker Carnival is happening this weekend and its sure to deliver 4 days of heart pounding, action packed, non-stop fun for the whole family!

Beginning on Wednesday August 23rd with the Festival of Fools and commencing with the renowned Family Vaudeville Show on August 27th, the Busker Festival will take over Waterloo Public Square and Waterloo City Hall for two nights and three full days!

The Festival of Fools offers the ultimate Busker experience. Sunlife Financial in partnership with KW Counselling Services delivers an exclusive evening of fun, food, and frolic alongside a silent option. It’s a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the 2017 Busker lineup before they hit the streets of Uptown Waterloo! Your admission includes beer, wine, refreshments, and some incredible food stations presented by some of Waterloo’s best local eateries! The Festival of Fools happens tonight, August 23rd, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Forbes Room in RIM Park, Waterloo. You can buy your tickets online HERE.

The following acts have joined this year’s Sunlife Financial Waterloo Busker Carnival:

  •          Beat the Streets – rhythmic breakdancing, acrobatic flipping, tap dancing, and high energy comedy!
  •          Big Nazo – mind blowing visual and musical extravaganza featured outrageous costumes and puppets and foot stomping rock and roll, rhythm, and blues!
  •          Duo Comic Case – a comedic act featuring flying hats and balancing ladders with an incredible acrobatic finale – The Daredevel Plunger Throwing Act!
  •          Fraser Hooper – a comedic act featuring a street fighting clown featuring hilarious audience involvement and ridiculous routines!
  •          Incendia Motus – a powerhouse of flair, skill, and energy featuring acrobatics, object manipulation, and tons of energy!
  •          Jon Hicks – a combination of foolishness and speed painting in a show featuring high skill creativity ,  silent comedy, origami, spoon bending, tea making, and more!
  •          Madame Guillotine – an impressive balance of cakes, baguettes, and a six foot, fully loaded guillotine!
  •          Pete Sweet – a hilarious display of danger, charm, and technical virtuousity, incorporating acrobatics, juggling, singing, and dancing!
  •          Shay Horay (Rubberband Boy) – a master of rubberband-ology, facial contortion, and improvisation!
  •          Awkward Airline Attendants – on the ground act serving you with high quality beverages and snacks – WARNING – service and snacks may or may not be high quality, or even edible!

The Sunlife Financial Waterloo Busker Carnival is famous not only for its Buskers, but also its amazing assortment of food vendors and food trucks! In addition, there are plenty of midway rides and games available for the young and young at heart to enjoy!

You can check out the Buskers website for more detailed scheduling information and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter! It’s going to be an amazing weekend here in Waterloo and we at Bustard Chrysler can’t wait to enjoy it!

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