We’ve got some more exciting Car Show news here at Bustard Chrysler in Waterloo!

We have just partnered with Murphy’s Law Distillery to bring more excitement to Bustard’s Charity Car Show!

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Murphy’s Law is a local, Elmira-based distillery that produces a wide variety of moonshine in various flavours. You can check out their website HERE. Murphy’s Law is focused on sourcing key ingredients for each of their delicious beverages locally. Processing is completed on site, and Murphy’s does not use Neutral Grain Spirits or enzymes to speed up production. Instead, they take the time to do it right, as evidenced by the incredible flavor profiles of their moonshine.

Owner Ben Murphy loves to support children’s charities and jumped on the chance to partner with Bustard’s Charity Car Show in support of Kidsability. For the Car Show raffle, Murphy’s has kindly donated a $200 “Tour and Tasting” Certificate that can be used to enjoy a tour of the distillery, and try out all they have to offer. Murphy’s will be on site at the show, with a vendor table to provide you with more information on their lovely libations – but, sorry, no samples!

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To top it all off, Murphy’s Law will be bringing a special guest along with them!

Being gearheads, we assume you all know the show Vegas Rat Rods, right?! Well, for those of you who don’t, Vegas Rat Rods is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Welder Up car customization shop. Host Steve Darnell and his band of brothers create the wildest rat rods known to man. Each episode follows the team as they use their imaginations and creativity to strip and rebuild unique vehicles for their quirky customers. Previous rides have been equipped with shotgun gearshifts, horseshoe gas pedals, and pretty much everything in between!

We are EXTREMELY excited to announce that Grant Schwartz of Vegas Rat Rods will be joining us this year at Bustard’s Charity Car Show, with his well-known Race Ford – a ’70 F-100 pickup. Grant is a local boy, hailing from Bloomingdale, Ontario (a hop, skip, and a jump away from Bustard Chrysler in Waterloo!). He signed on with Welder Up for the second and third season of Vegas Rat Rods and continued working for the shop, and on the show, for eight months. Grant has been welding and fabricating since the age of 19. When he’s not on TV, he does custom vehicle fabrication at his shop, Schwartz Inc., in Elmira.

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Grant has kindly agreed to donate a signed t-shirt that he wore on the show, which we hope to use as part of a silent auction, with all proceeds going to Kidsability.

We are extremely excited to partner with Murphy’s Law Distillery and Grant Schwartz for Bustard’s Charity Car Show in Waterloo, and we hope you are too! Be sure to check out their vendor table to meet Grant and his Race Ford, learn more about Murphy’s Distillery, and put in your silent auction bid!

Bustard’s Charity Car Show takes place on Saturday, September 22nd from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and is sure to be a ton of fun for everyone. Whether you’re into cars, or not, our event features a ton of great activities the whole family can enjoy. For more information on Bustard’s Charity Car Show, check out our website HERE. Be sure to LIKE Bustard Chrysler on Facebook and follow the Bustard's Charity Car Show 2018 Facebook event page for more exciting updates. We can’t wait to see you there!

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