Charitable Donations

Charitable Contributions from Bustard Chrysler

Without support from the local community, Bustard Chrysler would not have survived. We owe everything to the people of the Region of Waterloo, and we do what we can to give back! Bustard Chrysler Waterloo is proud to support local not-for-profits with cash and in-kind donations.

Helping Waterloo Region Thrive

We are committed to the local community and we support not-for-profit organizations and local sports teams so they, too, can thrive in the community.  We strive to give back and enrich the Region in which our customers, families, and friends live, work, and play.

Who We Help

If we could, Bustard Chrysler would gladly support all the not-for-profits and local sports teams in the Region. However, because we receive a high volume of charitable requests on a weekly basis, we can only support so many organizations. We, of course, prefer to support those organizations which also benefit our customers. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we have a very stringent selection process and can only support a small percentage of the wonderful groups and organizations in our community. We appreciate your understanding.

Is Your Charity Eligible For Donations?

Bustard Chrysler focuses solely on the communities we serve. All local not-for-profit organizations, relief funds, civic groups, sports teams, schools, churches, and youth programs will be considered as long as they are within our geographic area. Supporting local is of utmost importance to the owners, management, and staff of Bustard Chrysler. Given our limited corporate charitable budget, we can only support a limited number of organizations any given year.

How To Apply For Funding

Bustard Chrysler has made it easy for you to apply for charitable donations from our store by providing a handy form you can fill out that provides us with all the information we need in order to make a decision. Our staff carefully review every application that is submitted in order to determine whether or not we are able to support your request.

  • All requests will be reviewed within two weeks of submission
  • We will contact you directly if your request has been approved
  • We require a minimum of 60 days' notice
  • Bustard Chrysler shall be recognized as a donor/contributor in a mutually agreed up manner
Get To Know Us

If you are not already a Bustard Chrysler customer, learn more about what we offer, and how you can become a Bustard customer on our website. See what else we have to offer. From automotive parts, service and detailing, to new cars and used cars, Bustard Chrysler is your trusted Chrysler dealer in Waterloo.


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