Here at Bustard Chrysler in Waterloo, we are committed to ensuring that you have a safe vehicle to drive. We understand that, in precarious times like these, safety comes first. We also understand that having a safely operating vehicle is VITAL to our customers and community - from those in the farming community who sustain us, the nurses and emergency workers who protect us, the phone and internet repairmen who connect us, the plumbers and electricians who keep our homes safe and comfortable, and delivery drivers who supply our most-needed items, to the mothers and fathers with children and pets to feed. We are here to keep you and your vehicle safe, and keep our communities running as smoothly as they can during this difficult time.
Bustard Chrysler has resumed normal hours of operation. We are cautiously optimistic and we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Here at Bustard Chrysler we do not take our responsibility to our customers and employees lightly. We will continue to adhere to the strict standards laid forth by public health authorities and industry stakeholders. We know your vehicle is essential, and we are here to help you keep moving forward.
If you are in the market for a new vehicle and considering our dealership, we strongly advise that you first use our wide array of online tools to do everything from Appraising Your Trade to Applying for Financing, or submitting an inquiry to our Sales team who are committed to responding to all inquiries promptly. Learn more about the benefits of shopping online with Bustard Chrysler here.

While we are open to walk-in traffic, we would prefer that you book your sales or service appointment ahead of time, or call in for curbside parts pickup.
Contact information for each respective department is below:
Sales: (855) 894-5567
Service: (519) 884-9570
Parts: (519) 884-5886
Detailing: (519) 884-5868

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Visiting our store for your Sales or Service Appointment is going to be a little bit different moving forward, and subject to change regularly. Out of an abundance of caution, Bustard Chrysler Waterloo will be taking the following additional steps to reduce the potential spread and impact of COVID-19 on our customers and staff, including, but not limited to:
In accordance with the Waterloo Region Face Covering By-law, which requires the wearing of masks in enclosed retail public spaces, all employees will be required to wear a face covering in all public spaces within our dealership. We ask that all customers visiting our store respect this bylaw, and we are happy to provide disposable masks for those who do not have one, or have forgotten theirs. The by-law exempts children under 5, and those who are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition or disability. We do understand and resepct that not everyone is able to wear a mask for medical reasons. For more information on the Region of Waterloo Face Covering By-law, please visit their website.
✔ Employees will not be permitted to report to work if they are experiencing any known symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, tiredness, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, dry cough, and/or sore throat, and will be required to promptly visit a testing facility in order to be tested for COVID-19. Employees will not be permitted to return to work until documentation of negative test results is provided. In the event an employee tests positive, he/she will not be permitted to return to work until they can provide documentation of a negative test.
✔ We also ask that customers refrain from booking an appointment if they are exhibiting any of the aforementioned symptoms, in order to ensure the safety of fellow customers and our employees. Customers booking a Sales or Service Appointment will be advised not to visit the dealership if they are exhibiting any symptoms associated with COVID-19. 
✔ The number of employees and customers within our Sales, Service, and office areas will be limited to ensure we can maintain a 2-meter physical distance at all times.
✔ The number of customers permitted in our store, or waiting areas, at any time will be limited to ensure we can maintain a 2-meter physical distance at all times.
✔ We have deployed hand sanitizer throughout the store and have multiple handwash stations available for both employees and customers.
✔ The store is cleaned continuously through the day. Washrooms, break areas, high touch point areas such as light switches, door handles, banisters, tables, telephones, computer accessories, etc., will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. Each employee has access to the materials needed to sanitize their work stations regularly throughout the day and are committed to doing so regularly. 
✔ We have applied accepted physical distancing measures to avoid any direct contact between individuals (handshakes, hugs, etc.) and the required 2-meter distances will be enforced in customer areas with markings and/or Plexiglas.
Walk-in customers will be permitted to enter the store, however it is preferred that you book a sales or service appointment, or order your auto parts ahead of time for curbside pickup. This will minimize your wait times, in the event our store is at capacity.
✔ We offer several Service Appointment Drop Off options for your conveniece and safety. Please visit our Service Center to learn more about our Service Drive Thru, Contactless Service Drop Off Options, Shuttle, and Concierge Services. 
✔ All vehicles in for a service appointment will be sanitized upon arrival, and prior to pick up, by staff wearing PPE. The key, as well as interior and exterior door handle, vehicle's push-start, touchscreen, steering wheel, shift knobs, e-brake lever, and other critical high-touch touch points immediately in order to protect our staff and fellow customers.
✔ All Automotive Service Technicians are to wear latex gloves while working on, and in, customer vehicles. Staff will also be sanitizing your key, as well as your interior and exterior door handle, vehicle's push-start, touchscreen, steering wheel, shift knobs, e-brake lever, and other critical high-touch touch points in order to reduce the chances for transmission.
✔ If you require an auto part, please call our Parts Department at (519) 884-5886 anytime Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM and we would be happy to assist you in obtaining the required Parts in a timely fashion. We prefer that Parts be paid for over the phone prior to pick up. Parts delivery is subject to limited availability. We are pleased to offer Curbside Pickup to both individual customers and wholesale vendors. Speak with our Parts Specialists for more information. 
✔ Please be aware that we will be maintaining a record of all customers and staff in the store at any given time in order to support provincial contact tracing guidelines. Please make sure to check in upon entry to our store.
✔ We ask that all customers with a Sales or Service appointment either wash your hands or apply sanitizer before entering our store. This will also be required after test driving a vehicle.
✔ At this time, we regret to inform you that Sales Specialists will be unable to join customers on test drives in order to ensure we maintain a safe physical distance.
✔ All test drive vehicles will be sanitized after every customer visit. The key, as well as interior and exterior door handle, vehicle's push-start, touchscreen, steering wheel, shift knobs, e-brake lever, and other critical high-touch touch points immediately in order to protect our staff and fellow customers. We will be keeping digital records of vehicle disinfection.
✔ We have added Plexiglas barriers to all customer-facing desks to ensure the safety of both our customers and employees.
✔ All employees involved in the evaluation of a trade appraisal will wear PPE (gloves and face mask) throughout the process and observe proper handwashing protocols immediately following the trade evaluation. Trade in vehicles will be left idle and locked for 48 hours prior to being disinfected, cleaned, and detailed, prior to going on the lot for sale.
✔ Delivery of your new vehicle will be completed here at Bustard Chrysler, except during extenuating circumstances. Please speak with our Sales Team if you require remote delivery. Your new vehicle will be fully sanitized, including the steering wheel, gearshift, touchscreen, seatbelt buckles, accessories, door and trunk handles, before we provide you with the keys to your new vehicle (which will also be disinfected). During the delivery process, your Sales Specialist will be sure to maintain a 2 meter distance from you. Unfortunately, at this time, we will not be able to physically enter the vehicle with you to review technical and other features with you, however our staff are happy to provide a full demonstration of the vehicle's features virtually (IE. Online video, FaceTime, etc.)!
✔ Masks are available for all staff and customers in the event they do not have their own, and will be a requirement of all staff in public areas, as well as for specific tasks, IE. Appraisals, disinfecting vehicles, etc.). While masks are not required to be worn outside the building, our Sales Representatives will wear their masks outside if so requested by the customer.
If you are feeling ill, please stay home. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (855) 894-5567 for more information as to what we are doing to support our staff and customers and ensure their health and safety is the first priority. We appreciate your cooperation with the above procedures. We are committed to upholding these processes and doing everything we can to ensure the safety and good health of our employees and customers. We know having a safe and reliable vehicle is essential for you and your family, and our Sales and Service Departments are here for you. Please note, the situation is fluid and changing every day, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we adapt to rapidly changing circumstances
Stay safe and healthy, we WILL get through this!
To keep yourself and your loved ones safe, here are some basic hygiene measures as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization):
✔ Wash your hands regularly with antibacterial soap and water, not just after using the washroom. If you do not have access to soap and a sink, use alcohol-based hand rub and rub it into your hands well (it is recommended you rub it in for 30-60 seconds - far longer than we thought!)
✔ Wash your hands before you eat, or at the bare minimum, use an alcohol-based rub. 
✔ Keep your cell phone clean.
✔ Maintain social distancing and stay 1-2 meters (3-6 feet) away from others, particularly those who are coughing or sneezing. 
✔ Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. 
✔ Practice good respiratory hygiene. 
✔ Get into the habit of coughing and sneezing into your elbow as opposed to your hands. 
✔ If you have a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention early. If you think you have COVID-19, call Telehealth at 1 (866) 797-0000. 
NOTE: The above does not constitute medical advice, but is based on WHO recommendations.