Meet the Team

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  • Bill Bustard
    Dealer Principal

    Bill is passionate about cars! His family has a long history in the automotive industry, his father having opened the first Bustard dealership in Matheson, Ontario, back in 1947. Bill grew up helping his family out at the dealership until 1985 when he and his brothers officially took over its operation.

    Years later, the Bustard dealership is still a family affair. You can find Bill's wife, Pam, working the reception desk most days, greeting customers and helping out with some of the day to day administrative work. And like their parents, the Bustard sons have also been found to help out at the dealership from time to time!

  • Brent Ravelle
    Vice President and Partner
    (519) 884 5888 ext. 285

    Within 30 seconds of meeting Brent, you'll decide that you like him. Brent sets the tone for our business -- kind, fair, and knowledgeable. These are the characteristics that we strive to embody at Bustard, and even when things get hectic, Brent reminds us why.

    Officially, Brent's role as Vice President is broad, and he can be seen at both dealerships depending on the day! He works with two wonderful General Managers to direct Service and Sales operations at both the Waterloo and Listowel locations. But if you talk to him, you'll learn that his #1 commitment is simply to keep our customers happy by providing a warm, welcoming environment and excellent service.  His belief is that if we can achieve this, all the rest will follow.

    Brent is our role model in other ways as well.  For instance, he coaches amateur sports and sits on various community committees, including the Listowel BIA, KW Auto Dealers Association, and Drayton Entertainment.

    Like so many of us around here, playing hockey and spending time with his family top his list of favorite activities.  Depending on the weather, you might be more likely to catch him immersed in an autobiography. Australia's culture and Europe's rich history call to Brent, so these are next on his list of vacation spots.

    Brent has been committed to his actual family for about twice as long as he's been committed to the Bustard family - he's been married for 19 years ("wonderful years" -- he was very specific about this!), with two great kids! Depending on how you count, there are actually up to 12 members in Brent's family -- the Ravelles are also the proud parents (guardians?) of three dogs, two birds, and a rabbit!

  • Shawn Yarrow
    General Manager
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 223

  • James Ryan
    New Car Sales Manager
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 236

    James has been working in the automotive industry for over 20 years and worked his way up from sales rep to management. James is part of the 3000 club which is one of his proudest accomplishments having sold over 3000 vehicles! James believes we are not just a car business, we are a people business and wants every customer to leave Bustard Chrysler having had a positive experience!

  • Lucas Tracy
    Used Car Sales Manager
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 281

  • Cathy Mainprize
    Fixed Operations Director
    (519) 884 9570, ext. 277

    Cathy has always had a passion for cars and remember when she got her first car at 16, a 1975 Duster, she couldn't have been happier. She started her Automotive Career in 1988 at a Chrysler store in Milton as a Parts Specifier. In 1990, she went on to become the Parts Manager at another Chrysler Dealership and remained there until 1995 when she had the opportunity to join Bustard Chrysler. She started here as the Parts Manager. She is always looking for opportunities to further her training. While here, she received her Automotive Institute Diploma from Georgian College, as well as attending an NADA University course on Fixed Operations.

    In 2009 Cathy assumed the position of Fixed Operations Director. She keeps our service department running like a well-oiled machine - which is appropriate because she, herself, is a machine! In any given day, she manages and coaches staff in both locations, manages expenses, ensures a safe working environment, meets and greets customers, and is charged with continual improvement and forward thinking in all things service-related at Bustard Chrysler.

  • Donny LeChance
    Service Manager
    (519) 884-9570

  • Roberto Argiro
    Fine Details Manager
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 256

  • Kathleen Stahlbaum
    Marketing Coordinator
    (519) 884-5888 ext. 273

  • Craig Penney
    Sales Consultant
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 239

    Craig was born and raised in Newfoundland and now a proud resident of Waterloo Region. Craig's love for cars is evident in every customer experience and he strives to not only earn customers, but also friends. He works hard to provide exceptional customer service and is proud to take care of his customers not only when they purchase, but after the sale

  • Jeff Marles
    Sales Consultant
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 232

    Jeff lives out of town but loves the dealership so much he commutes here everyday. Jeff has been working in the automotive industry for many years has been with Bustard Chrysler for eight years.  He is as passionate about cars as he is about snowmobiling. He always gives his customers 100% and if you are working with him you can always expect his full attention!

  • Brad Hoffman
    Sales Consultant
    (519) 884 5888, ext.239

  • Kyle Costa
    Internet Manager
    (647) 688 2187, ext. 272

    Kyle has been in the automotive industry for ten years, having begun as a service technician apprentice. After four years, he decided to pursue a career in sales.  When he managed to sell a car on his first day, he knew it was something he would enjoy for years to come! He truly enjoys helping people find a vehicle to fit their needs, and he always strives to make his customers' buying experiences memorable. You can find him on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Linked In) as "The Chrysler Guy."

  • Simon Rosien
    Sales Consultant
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 274

  • Armando Avelar
    Sales Consultant
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 284

  • Nathan Harrison
    Sales Consultant
    (519) 884-5888

  • Matthew Trace
    (519) 884 5888

  • Chetna Pithia
    Financial Services Manager
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 221

  • Katie O'Rourke
    Sales Reception and Administration
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 222

  • Steve Tokar
    Financial Services Manager
    (519) 884 5888, ext. 283

  • Marion Henvey
    Assistant Service Manager, Waterloo
    (519) 884 9570 ext. 241

    Marion has been part of the Bustard family for 19 years!  A superhuman combination of smart and kind, Marion is who we turn to when no one else knows the answer.

    If you've visited our Service Department, you'll likely recognize her! She thrives on the fast pace at Bustard, and enjoys taking care of valued long-term customers and meeting new ones.

  • Becky Hoch
    Service Advisor
    (519) 884 9570 ext. 243

  • Dean Koebel
    Service Advisor
    (519) 884-9570 ext 282

  • Jim McTurk
    Service Technician
    (519) 884 9570

  • Errol Young
    Service Technician
    (519) 884 9570

    Errol has been with us for nine years and he wears many hats.  In addition to ensuring that our preowned vehicles are in like-new condition, he occasionally fills roles as Service Advisor, Accessory Installer, E-Tester, Repair Estimator, and Health & Safety Rep. Meet Errol for even a minute, and you'll realize that he wants the best for you.  His goal is to provide our valued customers with the feeling that they're the only customer, that their needs are indeed unique and deserving of his full commitment and attention.

  • Pat Squires
    Service Technician
    (519) 884 9570

  • Balazs Agoston
    Service Technician
    (519) 884 9570

  • Mark McCoy
    Service Technician
    (519) 884 9570

  • Lisbet Donald
    Apprentice Technician
    (519) 884 9570

  • Jon Hawthorne
    Lube Technician
    (519) 884 9570

  • Shane Anderson
    Service Technician
    (519) 884-9570

  • Kelly Hertner
    Service Apprentice
    (519) 884-9570

  • David Gregory
    Service Apprentice
    (519) 884-9570

  • Bill Love
    Parts Advisor
    (519) 884 5886, ext. 228

  • Simon Lakeland
    Parts Advisor
    (519) 884-5886

  • Matt Thomson
    Parts Advisor
    (519) 884-5886

  • Travis Reay
    Service Technician
    (519) 884-9570

  • Bill "The Colonel" Dunn
    CEO Parts Delivery
    (519) 884 5886

  • Ken Walter
    Shuttle Driver

  • Mike Wettlaufer
    Shuttle Driver

  • Mary Cornett
    Shuttle Driver

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