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2024 RAM 1500 - What's New? | Bustard Chrysler

Ontario truck lovers, brace yourselves! The 2024 RAM 1500 roars onto the scene, redefining what it means to be a powerhouse on wheels. Merging cutting-edge engineering with jaw-dropping aesthetics, this isn't just another truck – it's a revolution. Ready to uncover the thrilling upgrades of the year? Dive in!

Key Specifications:

  • Starting Price: TBA
  • Engine: 3.6-litre PentastarTM V6 Engine with eTorque, 5.7-litre HEMI® V8 Engine with eTorque
  • Horsepower: 395
  • Transmission: TBA
  • 0 to 100KM: 4.5 Seconds
  • Number of Seats: 5

Trim Comparison

Package/ Feature Tradesman Big Horn Sport Rebel Laramie Limited Longhorn Limited TRX
Engine 3.6-Litre Pentastar V6 Engine with VVT 3.6-Litre Pentastar V6 Engine with VVT 5.7-Litre Hemi V8 Engine with VVT 5.7-Litre Hemi V8 Engine with VVT 5.7-Litre Hemi V8 Engine with VVT 5.7-Litre Hemi V8 Engine with VVT 5.7-Litre Hemi V8 Engine with VVT 6.2-Litre V8
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 8-Speed Automatic Transmission 8-Speed TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
Horsepower 305 305 395 395 395 395 395 702
Fuel consumption  11.7L/100km  9.4L/100km  10.5L/100km 10.5L/100km 10.5L/100km 10.5L/100km 10.5L/100km 16.5L/100km

Notable changes from the previous year

The 2024 iteration isn’t just a minor tweak; it’s a pronounced statement. We witnessed the RAM 1500 redefine luxury in trucks with its enhanced towing capacity and tech offerings that are nothing short of revolutionary. If you were a fan of last year’s model, the 2024 edition is set to elevate your driving experience.

Infotainment and technology features

Welcome to tomorrow, embodied in the Uconnect® 5 multimedia system. Boasting a colossal 12-inch touchscreen, it's your passport to unrivalled features, from vivid 3D graphics in full-screen navigation to supporting two smartphones at once. Whether you're navigating Ontario's streets or embarking on a cross-country journey, the RAM App, with its 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, ensures you're always in touch.

Exterior design

The 2024 RAM 1500 is a masterpiece of design from bumper to bumper. Every contour and curve, especially its raised hood, is meticulously crafted not just for aerodynamic efficiency but to exude an authority that's impossible to ignore. As you cruise through Ontario's picturesque landscapes or navigate its lively city streets, this truck guarantees you'll turn heads. Adding to its distinctive character, the RAM 1500 offers varied headlight configurations and shapes across its range. This ensures that each RAM 1500 isn’t just another truck—it's a unique encounter, setting you apart from the crowd.

Interior comfort and cargo space

Enter the world of the 2024 RAM 1500, and it's like stepping into a sanctuary of lavishness fused with sheer practicality. The caress of authentic leather, intricate wood embellishments, and the transcendent soundscapes from the Harman Kardon® Premium Audio System redefines vehicular indulgence. And with ingenious features like the Rambox® Cargo Management System, every drive isn’t just a trip—it's an experience etched in memory.

Performance features

Beneath the hood of this titan lies a trio of powerhouse engines, the crown jewel being the 5.7-litre HEMI® V8 with eTorque, unleashing a staggering 410 lb‑ft of torque. But the RAM 1500 is not just about brute strength; its eTorque Mild Hybrid System, coupled with state-of-the-art fuel-saving techniques, guarantees peak efficiency without sacrificing an ounce of power. Consistent with Stellantis' tradition of providing diverse powertrains, RAM ensures that each 1500 is not only unique but also irresistibly compelling.

Safety and driver assistance features

With the RAM 1500, safety isn't just a checklist; it's a commitment. The 360° Surround View Camera System ensures that every manoeuvre is done with pinpoint precision. Complemented by six airbags, top-of-the-line brake rotors, and a state-of-the-art digital rearview mirror, RAM promises not just a journey but a safe return every single time.

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