Corrosion Free Rustproofing Waterloo

Looking for rustproofing in the Waterloo area but not wanting to risk voiding your warranty or having holes drilled into your vehicle? Look no further than Bustard's Auto Detailing! Bustard's Auto Detailing is proud to be one of the only detailing shops in the Kitchener-Waterloo area to offer Corrosion Free rustproofing.

We all know the winter months are volatile in Waterloo Region. One day it's -30 with the wind chill, and the next day the sun is shining and the snow is beginning to melt (or so we think!). When the temperature quickly changes from hot to cold, it can have a drastic effect on your vehicle. Trapped moisture freezes and expands in the crevices of your car ruptures your paint and creates crevices. This exposes your vehicle to rot when the sun starts shining.  

Corrosion Free Rustproofing protects your vehicle against damage caused by severe temperature changes, acid rain, and winter driving conditions. It not only breaks down rust and corrosion in metals, but it also protects vinyl and plastic surfaces from harmful UV rays and lubricates the moving parts of your vehicle.   

When your car is built at the factory, it is subjected to thousands of spot welds. When the metal is stamped to form seams and bends, the protective coating can be damaged ever so slightly, allowing moisture to enter the nooks and crannies of your car. Corrosion Free gets into all those little hard to reach places and protects against rust!   

The extreme temperature variations in Kitchener-Waterloo and across the country plays havoc with metal seams. Add a little salt and calcium from our roads, and your vehicle will quickly show signs of aging.   

Corrosion Free is the original oil spray, paving the way for many other rustproofing products and services. Bustard's Auto Detailing is a Corrosion Free zone, where we offer the in depth protection of Formula 3000 with CSC850. This product is widely known as the cure for rust across Canada where rust and corrosion are year round problems.

So why is Corrosion Free the best, you may ask? It's clean, it's clear, and it's dripless so you can get back on the road right after application. The application of Corrosion Free does NOT involve drilling ANY holes into your vehicle. It actually creeps and penetrates the rust prone crevices of your car without dripping! Unlike some rustproofing products which can leave a nasty yellow or black layer on parts of your vehicle, Corrosion Free allows you to maintain that "factory new look" beyond the manufacturer's warranty period. It has the potential to save hundreds of dollars in repair to fuel lines, fuel tanks, emergency brake cables and brake lines, items which are typically not covered by your manufacturer's warranty period.

Corrosion Free takes your commitment to your vehicle seriously. Special equipment is used to apply the product and even monitors the amount of product applied to the vehicle. We offer a customized computer reminder and tracking system so that you know when you need to come back for your next application.

Corrosion Free Pricing

Here at Bustard's Auto Detailing, we offer three low cost protection packages to protect your vehicle:.

Underbody Rust Cure Package

Starting at $59

The UnderBody Rust Cure package is our most economical package, protecting the basics like your wheel wells, unibody or solid frame, fuel tank, and brake lines.

Essentials Rust Care Package

Starting at $89

The Essentials Rust Care package protects all items in the UnderBody Rust Cure package, as well as coating your door bottom seams, outer wheel well lips, hood, truck lid, and tailgate doors.

Complete Rust Care Package

Starting at $139

The Complete Rust Cure Package protects all items in both the UnderBody Rust Cure package and the Essentials Rust Cure package, as well as protecting your body panels, floor pan, power windows, power door locks, hinges, electronic regulators, radio antennas and specific spot treatment of surface rust. This package also includes a complimentary hand wash!

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If you need to get your vehicle rustproofed in Waterloo Region, you can be confident in Bustard's Auto Detailing! To book your appointment, call the Bustard's Auto Detailing team in Waterloo at (519) 884-5868, or fill in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible! Please note that all prices listed are starting prices, and are dependent on your vehicle's condition and size. Starting prices are for sedans, and additional charges apply for larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs.

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