Looking for something specific?

Contact our team to place a custom order, built to your exact specifications. Here at Bustard Chrysler, we want to be sure you get EXACTLY what you are looking for in your new vehicle. During the current nation-wide vehicle shortage, placing a factory order is the easiest way to ensure your vehicle is equipped with every option and feature you desire!

Customize your dream vehicle

Save money by paying only for the options and features you most desire in your new vehicle. We guarantee the best programs available for the duration of your build, with no surprises! Contact us today to custom build and order your next new vehicle!

We are committed to keeping you appraised of your vehicle’s build process and will share any and all updates from the manufacturer pertaining to your order. The length of time your factory order takes to complete is dependent on the model and options you select.

Complimentary comprehensive warranty with your factory order

We are pleased to offer a complimentary comprehensive warranty ($2500) with the majority of factory orders, conditions permitting. Offer not value for preferred, employee purchase, and dealer discounted vehicles, but we are committed to getting you the best deal possible. Contact us directly for details!

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