How the 2017 Dodge Journey Is Different From Its Competition

Making the choice in a new vehicle isn’t always easy. There are so many options. Even if you know the basic style you want, it can still be overwhelming. It helps if you compare the different vehicles you are looking at. If you are considering the 2017 Dodge Journey, here are some things you may want to note that makes it stand apart from the competition.




The Journey hasn’t changed much since its debut, which is a comfort to many people who are fans of the design. In addition, without many changes, it has remained fairly stable in price, too. It has always been known as an affordable model in this category, but that is a growing point more and more each year.




Where the Journey really stands out is when it comes to acceleration. It has a V6 engine, which gives it a bit more power than competitors. This means it excels at acceleration while still offering you the fuel economy you want.




Another bright spot for the Journey is the 8.4-inch touchscreen, which makes things much easier for you when customizing your vehicle settings. In addition, there is the rear entertainment system that lets your passengers take control of their own settings.


One Last Perk


Finally, with the third-row seating, you can get even more out of your Journey. It provides more room and is more accommodating than other competitor models. While the third-row seating is optional, it is a great choice that you won’t have with others.


As you shop at Bustard Chrysler Waterloo, we want you to be comfortable and understand your options. You have to find the vehicle that suits you the best. It can help to learn about each model and what features make it stand out. With the 2017 Journey, Dodge is distinguishing it by avoiding too drastic makeovers and offer tried and true features that consumers love.

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